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Telephone Cabling Services

HSdataline are specialists in the design and installation of Telephone cabling systems.

The oldest and most common use for a cabling system is to carry telephone signals. In the old days, pairs of copper wires were strung throughout a building to carry the phone signal from a central telephone closet to the individual telephone handsets. Surprisingly, the basic layout for a telephone cabling system has changed very little.

The major difference today is that telephone systems have become digital. So most require private branch exchange (PBX), a special device that connects all the individual telephones together so the telephone calls can go out over one high-speed line (called a trunk line) rather than over multiple individual lines.

A reliable telephone system is one of your company's most important assets. Today's telephone networks are run along the same cabling paths as the data cabling, use UTP cable, and usually share the same data cabling wiring closets.

CW1308 Telephone Cabling
Cat5e Telephone Cabling
Telephone Outlets and Extensions
Internal extensions fitted or relocated
Telephone extensions re-jumpered
Cat5 Outlets with Line Jack Units







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