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Quality policy

Customer Satisfaction


Quality excellence is the foundation for the management of our business and the keystone of our goal of customer satisfaction. It is, therefore, our policy to:

Provide, consistently, services that meet the quality expectations of our customers.

Pursue, actively, continuous improvement in all activities to enable each of us to do his or her job right the first time.


Quality will continue to be major factor at HS Dataline. It lies at the heart of everything that we do.

Through active planning in every function of the company we will strive to provide products and services that consistently meet specification, time and cost objectives. Furthermore, we will dedicate ourselves to improving, continually, the quality of our products and services by focusing on our processes and procedures.

Every one of us is a part of our company’s quality improvement process:

Each of us will strive to understand and to satisfy the quality expectations of our customers.

Each of us will strive to identify and eliminate the sources of error and waste in processes and procedures.

Each of us will aid the quality planning and improvement efforts of others for the good of the organisation as a whole.


Each Group Director and Senior Manager is responsible:

Communicating our quality policy to all of his or her people.

Clarifying specific responsibilities for quality.

Developing and reviewing strategic quality plans and objectives on an ongoing basis.

Implementing a quality management system to carry out the plans and achieve objectives.

Monitoring and continually improving the level of customer satisfaction.

Monitoring and continually improving the defect and error rate of internal process and systems.

Developing joint quality plans with suppliers and other business partners.

Implementing, funding and reviewing specific quality improvement activities.

Providing education and training in quality disciplines for all of his or her people.


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