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Enviromental policy

HSdataline Limited applies the following Environmental Principles to all its activities

We are committed to carry out our own activities and to providing services to others in ways that sustain or improve the environment. We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance, paying particular attention to the following issues:

• Effective management of our emissions to air and water, seeking their reduction where practicable

• Efficient use of energy • Minimisation of our consumption of non-sustainable resources

• Effective management and minimisation of our solid wastes

• We will make our staff aware of the Environmental implications of their work as it affects ourselves and our customers

• We are committed to giving our employees, contractors and visitors all necessary training to enable them to comply with our environmental policy

• We are committed to providing the resources to enable us to implement our Environmental Policy


• All cable scraps returned to Head Office for recycling by local centre

• Bulk packing wherever possible • Collection policy for empty wooden drums and reels

• ISO 9002 approved suppliers given preference

• Internal documents printed two sides

• New company cars and equipment appraised for energy consumption

• Energy saving copiers and printers

Further measures under consideration:

• Replace some diesel vans with LPG


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